The 20th Moon Day

The Action — flight.

The Symbol — eagle, «an eagle with crocodile's tail», which means combination of Scorpio and Saggitarius (the sign of Saggitarius ia about the presence of the energy of Jupiter).

Mystical influence: The day of revelations, discoveries. The time of spiritual transformation, overcoming doubts, religious feat. The day of getting rid of any debts and hard conditions.
A very serious and interesting day: the time of ascension, perception of cosmic law. An Eagle is the symbol of religious feat.

Social influence: positive, especially for purposeful people, those who are strong with their ideas. The day of leaders and speakers. A good day for almost all activities.

Everyday influence: malevolence, envy and slander can substantially slow down the progress and spiritual evolution. Complications with creative activities and group work. You are recommended to refrain from any actions, obligations, signings. A danger of deception. Higher risk of problems. You may get into conflicts with children, pets, ex-partners and obligations. This is the day of carmic trials.

Medical influence: low risk of complications, but high risk of traumas. Spine is under threat.
The best day for fasting, spiritual insights. You are not recommended to eat meat and overload your eyes. You should spend this day at home, do some household stuff, be with children, keep family traditions. Psychics should not do any treatments for the danger to exhaust their energies.

The dangers of the 20th day: pride, haughtiness, bile. This day is connected with scapulas, upper back and peritoneum.

People, born today, are very creative. They are quite pride of themselves and haughty. They may be false authorities sometimes.
They live in constant expectation of a flight. They are much inclined to astral trips. The best people of the 20th day are enthusiasts, who sacrifice themselves for good deeds. In the worst case they have a tendency to dominate over others in a negative sense — they become false teachers and dictators.

Influence on conception: a critical day. The baby, conceived today, will want to make great achievements in life and know everything. Whether he of she manages to do it — that depends upon your and his\her potential. He may end up being angry and failed or having great spiritual achievements. Lies are equal to suicide for him\her.

Gems — red jasper and jaspilite.
Meditations: the sky, the nature, the grace of animals.

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